Wedding Dress

Theres a lot to take into consideration when planning your big day but one of the most important things to organise is your dress.

The big decision with bridesmaids is the colour, lots of bridges have everything planned out and know what colour they like but here’s some ideas:-

Church settings – Go with traditional pinks, baby blues, emerald greens or maybe Lavender

Beach Setting – The backdrop is really colourful already so thats why white stands out. You can get away with the brightest colours here too, like Fuchsia, Burnt Orange. Avoid Blue though! 

Garden Setting – Flowers & Greenery! Just like the beach setting bright colours will compliment your backdrop. Consider hot pink, marigold or celery!

Stately Homes / indoor Settings – Mint, China Blue, Teal, Reds 

Sticking to these basic rules will help make things easier I hope?