Its the most important day of your life and of course you want to look your best but how do you do it? What things can you do to make sure that you both look and feel amazing for your wedding day. Here are some of our top tips:

1. Personal Trainer

I know it sounds like a lot of commtiment but is it any more commitment than actually getting married? I didnt think so. A personal trainer will help you fufil your potnetial and get the result you want. Organising a wedding can be a pretty time consuming and hectic event so it can be pretty easy to let gym visits slip in to “I’ll do it later” pile. Booking some one on one sessions with a PT will make sure that never happens.

2. Laser Hair Removal

This is something you shopuld be booking in ASAP because it can take multiple sessions to see the best results. Its not just a case of turning up once and its a done deal so being on top of this on will mean one less thing to stress about on your big day and you can focus on putting your garter on rather than takign a lawnmower to yuor legs.

3. Spa Day

Do it with the bridesmaids. Not only will this be a great way to get your skin looking great its will also elviate some of the every day stresses of planning a wedding. A day to be pampered and chat about yuor big day ith your nearest and dearest is the perfect way prepare youself for the most important day of your life.

4. Eat Clean

Start to think about what your eating. Making slight changes to yuor every day eating habbits can have a masive affect on the way you look and feel. Switch fizzy juice for water for a while. Make it a Chicken Salad roll instead of Chicken Mayo. even switchin the red wine for a spirit will make a difference. Speak to your Personal Trainer who will be more than happy to tell yuo the best ways to eat better.

5. Get a Wedding Planner

Okay obviusoly this was going to be on our list but think of all the extra time you would have. All the stress you could get rid of. All thise slpeepless nigth you would ghet back if you asked one of our wedding professionals to help pave the way for your special day. We can organise all the thing listed in our blog for you so you wouldnt even need to stress about that. Just sit back and switch that red wine for a gin and tonic!